Beauty Meets Brushes 2014

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October 1, 2014
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October 14, 2014

Beauty Meets Brushes 2014

When the idea for Beauty meets Brushes came out many would have thought setting a trend in the Nigerian Fashion world will be a task too daunting to achieve.
However, the organizers have proven Beauty meets Brushes a success story that can now raise it’s head and stand tall. Perhaps the Most sought after profession in the fashion industry, Make-over stylists take prescribed care in turning the already beautiful into breathtaking angels.

Gleamglean sat down with the organizer for Beauty meets Brushes and he had this to say.

**What was the name of the event and what was it about?**
Beauty meets Brushes and it was an event that brought together professionals from from perhaps the currently most sought after profession in the fashion industry.report_554_IMG-20141008-WA0011

**What did the attendees benefit from the event?**
The opportunity to witness young professionals in the beauty and make-over industry display their dexterity in creating beauty with strokes in a relaxed environment.

What parts were the least useful or enjoyable?
None was least useful as it was fun and string learning all through

What key messages were passed on from the event that you would like to tell everyone that did not attend ?
The make-over and beauty industry remains one of the ever growing sector in Nigerian and it growths has no limits as we continue to experience the influx of more foreign makeup labels as seen in the recent launch of Oriflame nigeria a world renowned beauty company. Therefore youths and the unemployed have the opportunity to stake a claim to the opportunities that are presenting themselves on a daily basis

Who were the sponsors of Beauty meets Brushes?
The event was sponsored by dimples make-over and private supports.

What were the highpoints of the event?
Free makover sessions for participants by dimples makeover, amoke makeovers, s’ojuloge makeovers and of course the brief speech by funto oni the author of BEAUTIFIEDreport_554_IMG-20141001-WA004

Will this event be organized next year?
The event comes up same time next year but in a different dimension and albeit on a bigger and grander stage

On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent, how would you rate the overall event?

What other events are coming up and how is the planning going?
We are planning for the second edition of Nigeria College Fashion and all hands are on deck to deliver an event of the highest quality

As Beauty meets Brushes debuts it creates an avenue for genuine recognition for one profession that wasn’t getting the required face time but now is a booming opportunity for young entrepreneurs to invreport_554_IMG-20141001-WA004est.report_554_IMG-20141008-WA0007