# Bring back our choices( The UNN laptop saga)

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November 14, 2015
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November 15, 2015

# Bring back our choices( The UNN laptop saga)

Recently in UNN there has been a surge of silent protests over the forceful updating of first year students in accordance with the “new age of technology”. All freshers have been forced to purchase laptops, contrary to their pocket, psychological and physical expectations.

A whooping sum of N70,000 has been tagged as the purchase price and an innocent mind wonders, if laptops of a specific model is bought in bulk , does it not reduce the cost price?

The Students Union government came to the rescue however and through their timely intervention, the N70,000 due to be paid was split into three installments of N25,000(Ozumba is really generous) to be paid in three installments, adding an extra N5,000 gain for the school, for getting their jackpot late.

What is worse, they have made this payment a sine qua non for registrations for all freshers. It is argued that this was probable in the parameters of success for the new economic rip off administration, since all freshers were likely to comply for fear of losing their well scarce admissions.



Osita James
Osita James
Osita James is a 400 level law student at the University of Nigeria. He is an adept blogger and the current president of the nwokike litetary club.