The Top 5 Hostels In Unilag

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December 14, 2015
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The Top 5 Hostels In Unilag

The university of 1st choice and the nations pride traditionally names its hostels in honour of prominent Historical Figures and Nigerians who have distinguished themselves in various walks of life such as Education, Media, The Arts & many more.
In this study, we’ll critically examine the 5 best hostels to reside in. This report is based on the result of extensive research carried out and the personal views of young undergraduates who have lived in these various hostels. This is a combination of both male & female hostels.

At Number one is King Jaja hostel.
Established in this is the most popular and unarguably the best hostel on campus. It’s rooms are designed to occupy a capacity of 8 individuals, and it also features huge lockers for students to put their belongings into. Students can choose to add an extra feature by acquiring a padlock in order to safeguard their belongings and ensure privacy. Jaja hostel also has a common room where students can relax, recreate, and feel at ease with themselves away from home. Here, students can watch movies, use the internet with the aid of a wireless router, and watch live football matches during weekdays and weekends thus keeping up with their favourite football clubs.
Another interesting fact about the hostel is that it is home to the renowned “Aganyi Palace” at jaja extension. This is where lovers of the famous Bread &Beans can get to eat their favourite meal on campus. Its widely considered the best place to eat bread and beans on campus.

At 2nd place is Queen Moremi Hall.
Residents of this hall are commonly referred to as “ladies of high class”
not just because the highest concentration of “posh babes” that stay here, but because of the seemingly excellent facilities in this hall of residence although quite old. Its rooms are built to occupy 4 residents and it also features a common room where the ladies of high class can keep up with the kardashians and enjoy their favorite Mexican telenovellas on Telemundo.

At Number 3 is Mariere Hall
The first among the 2 male hostels upschool, this hostel offers quick access to undergraduates who take their lectures at the Faculty of Arts & Engineering as a result of its close proximity to these places and also convenience in banking services with various commercial banks and their Automated Teller machines close to it.

Madam Tinubu Hall
MTH for short, it is located at the far left end of its neighbours, and it is the only hall of residence, a female one at that,which reigns supreme among the hostels located at the famous New Hall known for its notoriety due to poor sanitation and adverse living conditions, MTH is indeed a hostel that the female-folk would be proud of besides Moremi. Its surroundings are clean and well kept. Its dwellings amiable.

The Last and certainly not the least is Biobaku
For male students whose faculties are at Education and Enviromental sciences this hostel indeed the best bet for them not just because of the short walking distance to take their lectures but its reclusion coupled with the peace and quiet it offers. The environment surrounding it is indeed serene because it is located close to the various staff quarters. The toilet facilities in this hosel easily rivals that of king Jaja and here at Biobaku one can get the very best hot tasting doughnuts on campus