January 16, 2016
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January 20, 2016


A new academic session has commenced and all eyes will be fixated on the new sworn¬-in executives of the university of lagos students union, the presidents of various faculties, and halls of residences.
We all could not forget their massive campaign rallies, the various sugar-coated speeches , and the eloquent words employed during the run-up to the eventual posts they would occupy.
All those have gone now, and the entire student community heavy-laden with expectations would love to see the promises< and lofty ideas of their various student leaders being fully implemented.
Indeed the year has begun on a somewhat good note with the university of lagos students union recently organizing the The UNILAG #ThankASoldier campaign. This event which tookoff from the 12th_15th of January was held in honour of members of our armed forces.

A big banner was erected in front of the students union building to show their gratitude by adding their various signatures on it.
A visit was also organized by the union to some military installations in lagos which included the Nigerian Army Cantonment at ikeja, and several other military hospitals in a show of love and appreciation.
The Event was largely held on social media as the union targeted a Major Social Media Buzz through out that period. Other highlights included: March Past; Endurance Trek; Visit to Military Hospital; and special Timeout on radio and TV with Military Veterans.
Event Schedule:
Day 1 – Visit to Military Hospital
Day 2 – Endurance Trek
Day 3 – March Pass
Day 4 – Major Social Media Buzz to trend the ‪#‎Thankasoldier‬
This indeed was a laudable initiative by the student union but much more will be expected from them in the coming days.
In a speech made by Muhammed Olaniyan the president of ULSU on the 4th of january 2016 he promised to put together different academic and extra-curricular activities to help students of this institution keep a certain healthy balance. Its very important we read through his new year speech and here’s what he had to say
…Good morning UNILAG,
It’s the 4th of January, 2016
The School year is about to commence and it’s a pleasure to welcome everyone to this new academic year.
This January, I have the privilege of greeting new students across the university. You are all welcome
I would like to welcome new leaders as well. Two new Deputy Deans of Students’ Affairs in persons of Dr Karo Ogbinaka and Dr J.O Agunsoye.
I welcome my fellow students’ union executives including members of the Students’ Legislative Council. Also all Faculty and Departmental Presidents and executives and halls of residences presidents and executives and all other students leaders on Campus.
Education can be likened to a great big canvas and this year we would encourage ourselves to throw as much paint as we can on the canvas of our education. We should uphold the importance of intrinsic motivation. Let us set our priorities right by aiming to achieve our primary goal in this community of ours.
This year promises to be an interesting one as the Union have put together different academic and extra-curricular activities to help students of this institution keep a certain healthy balance.
UNILAG is about possibilities- it’s possible to change how our successors think about learning in this University. Here, it is possible to meet and become entrepreneurs who are building apps and businesses and cultural enterprises. I believe we have good fortune to come together in a community not quite like any other on the planet.
The UNILAG #ThankASoldier campaign set to launch next week is aimed at giving honor to our armed forces who have fought selflessly to defend us. I enjoin us all to be a part of it.
I wish you all the best this year. Remember, UNILAG is a place where people think and act, imagine and realize.
Happy New Year
Muhammed Olaniyan
Movement for Total Transformation
So all this being said, the entire student community will be watching closely their various student leaders to see how their promises made will come into fruition.