OAU SU-for better, for worse??

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January 20, 2016
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January 23, 2016

OAU SU-for better, for worse??

It’s  funny that when u hear World’s best striker (a word that’s  supposed  to paint a Messi-Ronaldo Picture in ur head ),Your mind thinks OAU straight. I mean,no one does it better than us, you know right? What’s funnier is that most of the times, We cause this ourselves. After then,we’ld be slamming “Oba Adaniduro University ” on the varsity’s head,like say we didn’t take part in its “daniduro” activities.

Recently, i heard someone say “there’s  no 4 years course in OAU,minimum 6 and a half years, maximum 18 years. Medical students una don suffer”. I laughed crazy. But then,Wasn’t  i just laughing  out an inevitable  truth that i ,as a person (being a student of OAU) is subject to?

Okay! Okay!  We know that Bodies beyond our control contribute their own quotas to this “daniduro” effects but how about we ourselves? Its no news that the SU body has been suspended and some of its Central  Executive Members suspended  for three (3) semesters also. Which i think could have been averted if they had thought well. I mean, how do u expect to do the same  things  the same way and get different  results. We have gone home several times to face the same problems that took us home  when we resume. And then,we still keep doing “honourable” stuffs that would send us home again..

Imagine,Just Yesterday ,The transformer  for Awo,Alumni and Mozambique halls blew up. Normally, if we still had SU,for them,this would have been an awesome avenue to boycott letcures,Protest,Lock school gate(Stir up trouble really )and it would have  taken an average of 3-4 days to get fixed(from past  experiences,u know?).Surprisingly, (Without SUG)it was fixed this morning .

Which brings us the grand question: “Whether or not we(OAU now) are better of without them? “. Since we can individually  relate our  issues to the Division of Student Affairs if there’s any misdemeanor.IMG_20160120_111829