Our Story

Gleamglean was founded in January 2012 in a living room over a conversation between friends, bothering on lack of credible information about what goes on in Nigerian universities.
Gleamglean was founded with the sole purpose of giving the Nigerian student and youth community a voice. We take pride in delivering first hand and accurate, yet entertaining information to our readers.

Gleamglean is the best way to discover happenings
in Nigerian student campuses and the youth community.

After early research years, we have acquired a team with the KNOW HOW to manage and integrate multiple university campuses all around Nigeria. We have student personnel in campuses, hence, you can bank on us when news breaks.

Meet the Team


Creative Director

+234 703 550 9777


Head of Operations

+234 818 875 2825


Human Resources

+234 816 319 0120


Head, Technical

+234 703 867 3837